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January 08, 2006


Polo Outlet

good,good,good,it's worth.


Leif,Brilliant. Just think people could load this feed into their blog reeards and get safety tips delivered every time you post.Beautiful.For me the dangerous walkway at Industrial is on the ground floor of Building Two. I prefer daylighting to turning on the breakers, so I tend to enter the purple door, travel the hall way to the white door, and enter the dark wash-dry building.I make my way to the roll-up door the one with the big logo on the outside.Whenever some one leaves stuff in that path, I enter a dark zone of risk. It could be a pallet of clarifying clay. Or a pump housing. It is easy to get racked with pain when that pathway is not kept clear.But when I make it to the door, and roll it up, the place floods with beautiful light and there are many days when the lights need not go on

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